„I would mistake love for insurrection”

„I would exaggerate your virtue

I would make no demands on your person

I would tell you all the things I’d do to you

I would do these things a lot

I would be on my knees whenever

I would listen to your troubles

I would endure your self-mythologizing

I would enable your self-mythologizing

I would extend your self-mythologizing

I would enjoy your self-mythologizing most days

I would create for you whatever actions or episodes or interrelations to sustain your carefully constructed personal narrative

I would create for you whatever necessary problems so you could feel a thing or two

I would be of use to the plot of your biopic

I would not testify against you at a grand jury

I would help you with some research

I would pretend to be stupid so that you could be smart

I would be smart enough that when I was stupid you would feel even smarter

I would say it was all for you

I would let you prove me wrong

I would weep for you

I would express my pain vividly so that you could feel powerful

I would let you feel powerful as much as you want

I would get how you’d see me as the problem

I would let you offer constructive criticism

I would take everything you said to heart

I would make an honest attempt at a new attitude

I would align myself to your interests

I would be frightened of you and this would be arousing

I would be frightened of you and this would be frightening

I would be aroused by you and this would be arousing / I would frustrate and arouse you in somewhat equal measure

I would suppress all self-suppression

I would let you have the sense of satisfaction

I would let you tell me what to do

I would give you all the glory

I would resist you till it was pornographic

I would let you weep against my bosom

I would kiss your cheeks and stroke your beautiful head

I would like the unlikeable things of you

I would say how sorry I am for everything

I would do nothing ever to harm you

I would feel bad for you

I would keep your secrets I would be a dog for you or elusive

I would be elusive like a dog who is scared of you

I would explicate your texts

I would close read all your passages

I would benefit from you socially

I would discuss you at length in seminars

I would curate an exhibition of your angles

I would collect all the memorabilia

I would never abandon the memory of our time together

I would analyze you from all vantage points

I would defend you to the death

I would die for you and tell everyone

I would look at you with adoring eyes

I would let you look at me with clinical eyes

I would find your paternalism attractive

I would let you protect me

I would let you fix my machines

I would be like a cat rubbing against you

I would be like some sort of pack horse if you needed that

I would let myself have the lower hand

I would be the lower hand that strokes you

I would be the hand for you that doesn’t know what the other is doing

I would overturn the tables at the temple

I would make no public claims

I would be just another prisoner

I would think we were a conspiracy

I would mistake love for insurrection

I would read captivity narratives

I would remember a thousand theories of love

I would think that to love you was like having to be a poet

I would say I had no choice in the matter

I would let you think you ran things

I would let you run things

I would write a book called the overseer

I would know what I was doing”

Anne Boyer, Love Poem

Spune ea: „Perhaps the answer lies in the possibility that poetry doesn’t have to be literature, isn’t necessarily always literature, can exist before the idea of literature and also after it and apart, or apart enough, from it.   Perhaps the answer lies in a truth that there is no essential nature to a set of words arranged on the page, that every time we arrange words, we are arranging the possibility of something that isn’t literature at all”.


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